Friday, May 30, 2014



Zeus is the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods.
Zeus overthrew his father Cronus. Zeus is also known to
 ZEUS by el-grimlockpunish those who lie and brake oaths.Zeus was a child of Cronus, a cruel titan. Zeus had two other brothers Poseidon and Hades. He married his sister Hera, although he is probably best known for his scandalous affairs. Zeus got really powerful by his lightning bolt and he was respected because he defeated Cronus the king of titans his father.

I chose this cod because he has lightning bolts and he is the ruler of Olympians that's why i chose him.
I would respect this god because with one ZAP of his lightning bolt i could be dead.
Zeus's greatest strength is ruling everyone. And his greatest weakness is getting tricked.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is Technology Messing With Your Brain?

                   Is Technology Messing With Your Brain? 

          Is it worth watching tv or playing a video game when your suppose to do your homework? I think that your suppose to do your homework first and stop using technology for like a day or some hours because your brain needs to cool down. The reason why is because you need to do your homework or you will get a bad great. you will make your brain all mixed up. your playing to much and take some hours or days off. you shouldnt use technology everyday or you will no nothing like math or science and all that.

as you see his brain is getting sucked in because he is using it to much.    

            I think you should stop using technology for once and do something outside or do your homework. you shouldnt be using technology everyday in stead of calculater use a pencil and a peice of paper. its bad for your brain when you use it so often.

         technology is bad for your brain. go outside or do something without tech. if you wanna talk with your friends dont txt just see them in real life. I feel this way because i dont want people's brain going moosh. thats why i think u ned to stop using tech for like a hour or more.

       Why do people like technology so much?

         I want you guys to stop using technology for one day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


                                                 GTA 5 

         Why do kids play GTA 5. Kids play GTA 5 because its a fun game but there is alot of violence in the game like shooting and killing and giving middle finger's plus some personal stuff like jerking [ eww ]. Kid's like to play it because you can kill in it do some weird stuff drive and race cars do mission's and even have a one on one death match you  can even become rich and buy a mansion. The company that made the game GTA 5 is  Rockstar Games. The reason why kids like GTA 5 so much is that you can play with your friends and kill people and have wars plus u get some pretty cool cars like a ENTITY XF and a BUGATTI which is known as an ADDER there is also an infernace there is even bicycle and motorcycles and there's even a dune buggy known as a BF BIFTA in GTA 5.

As you see in this game trailer there is shooting and bad language.

      my opinion is that GTA 5 is a fun game and its fun to play with your friends but it is violent that's why kids like to play it so much. once me and my friend stayed up all night playing it but eventually out battery's on the controller ran out. even this morning i was playing GTA 5 a little bit. thismorning actually 6 of my friends were online. There are 2 game types in GTA 5 there is story mode where u play by yourself or u can go online and play with people u don't know or u can play with your friend's. When u first play GTA 5 u have to do the first part of the story mode. You have to create a character before u play online YESSSS you can create your own character u can only change the color of skin the hair and that's it but when you start GTA 5 online you have to do a mission with people and it pretty easy when you get on GTA 5 online where you can do what ever you want to you can change your clothe's get a new hair cut get some glasses u can get even mask's. you just cant kill people and get there weapon's u have to work hard and get levels or RP the way you get that is by riding in a car with your friends and loosing cop's some cars are free if you make a Rockstar account and the free cars are mostly from the beach bum pack that you have to download before you play the game online. the car that is not part of the beach bum pack is the ELEGY RH8 and that's free how you get it is by buying a garage and the cheapist garage is like more them 25,000 but its easy to get money you can either rob a store or steal a heavy truck and shoot the back of it open to get like 5,000 dollars and its pretty easy to find heavy truck's the way you find it is by looking at your map.

 10 GTA 5 picture's.


gang member's


cool car


four wheeler


GTA 5 logo


michael's son Jimmy.


guys with mask's


ENTITY XF with lowrider cash rim's



Declasse sabre turbo {muscle car}.


as you see in these picture's there are really nice cars and there are mask's and gun's there are even 4 wheeler's and dirt bikes which is a sanchez.

Friday, January 31, 2014

is it really thanksgiving without cranberries?

                     is it thanksgiving without cranberries                       


        Is it thanksgiving without cranberries I wonder why some people think its not thanksgiving without cranberries. Some people don't like cranberries "I don't like cranberries" the reason why I don't like them is because of the taste. The reason why I don't like the taste is because its to sour for me. Tell me guys if u like or don't like cranberries and tell me why?

Is It Thanksgiving Without Cranberries?


 My opinion is that thanksgiving is still thanksgiving without cranberries because every thanksgiving doesn't need cranberries. cranberries are real sweet and sour for me some people like them some don't like me i don't like them. 


Dogs or Cats?

                                                        Dogs or Cats?


Dogs or Cats what would you pick? Dogs protect you when there's a bad person robbing you. A Dog also play's with you. Cats only play, not that much Cats protect you. Most Cats just play around running and jumping on counters. I have a Dog because i like Dogs  her name is Mandie {Man dee}. Cats are fun its just that they dont really protect you. Dogs protect you because they love you and they are not mean its just that they protect the people they love.

The dog here is playing catch by himself. he rolls the ball down the stairs and he wait's at the bottom to catch it. this is funny because i never saw a dog play catch by himself.

As u here in this video a bad guy try's to rob this guy but the dog protect's him from getting hurt.

Cats dont really protect you unless they use there claw's or there well trained. Dogs really protect you if they are trained if they are not trained they wont protect you. 

As you see in this video there are trained dog's and untrained dog's and it says that trained dog's protect you and untrained dog's do not protect you.


My opinion is that Dog's protect you more then Cat's. Because they have sharp teeth and they are more for protection. 

Friday, October 25, 2013



There are a lot of techniques like snob appeal,bandwagon,transfer,testimonial,stereotype,name calling,card stacking,glittering generalities,and plane folks. Techniques are used to tell what a commercial is about like funny or sad or mean. Techniques are not only for commercials there also for movies or in real life you can just tell when someone is mad sad or angry by there reaction and what there face looks like. All of these techniques are useful for telling when something is funny or sad or even angry.



  My opinion is that things are funny and funny is emotional appeal because its funny also sad. Emotional appeal is happy sad angry mad emotional is the feeling that you have. There's also name calling name calling is with mean behavior with punching tackling and kicking etc. The techniques are used for telling what something is about.
    the commercials are about funny happyness sad kicking punching etc. emotional appeal is what your feeling or action is when you see something. name calling is when someone calls you a name that u dont want to be called like fart face lol.

5 videos about techniques

This commercial is about emotional appeal because its funny
and when something is funny i smile sometimes emotional appeal
is sad.

This commercial is about name calling as u can see the
woman is yelling at the man and they fight a little but
the commercial is manly about name calling.


This commercial is about snob appeal this is
for special people.

This commercial is also emotional appeal because
the teddy bears dancing and kicking the pillow.

This commercial is bandwagon because hes abandoning the football team
he likes and switch's his shirt because the team he likes lost so he
switched shirts so people know that he likes the other team.


5 more videos about techniques

This commercial is about emotional appeal because its funny when all of them
get out of those seat things and they just walk away except for one because that
is handicap because all the other people that are not handicap are trying to say
if your handicap you can do what ever anyone else can.

This commercial is emotional appeal because its funny when 
he tells his wife to use the ipad but when he goes to the bathroom the wife loads
an app of toilet paper and slides it under the door.

this commercial is emotional appeal because the guy in the darth vader
costume uses his force on the golf ball and then chokes the other player then
he takes his light saber and preteneds to kill the golf ball player.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

shi haung ti the ruler

                        shi haung ti the ruler

the clay soldiers protected the tomb of shi haung ti. there over 700,000 workers employed to build the clay soldiers. an army of 8000 clay soldiers standed and garded the tomb of shi haung ti. it was hard work for the people to make 8000 clay soldiers it hurt peoples hands a lot. it the employed workers more then a year. if no one listened to shi haung ti he would cut off there heads and ask the next person if the next person saw the head cut off he/she would do it right away. the clay sculptures are over 2200 years old.

my opinion
shi haung ti was a croul and judgemental emperer. there for i would not follow him.shi haung forced people to make ever 8000 clay soldiers. if no one follows shi haung ti's rules then of with there head.